Friday, December 2, 2011

How to Keep Santa Overnight

Make your jolly ol' guest feel more than welcome by setting out homemade cookies, chocolates, and tea from my shop's Treats and Sweets section.

See the latest addition to this yummy shop sectionSugar Plums à la Chocolaté; a naturally rich and decadent dried fruit is simply dipped in dark chocolate and is transformed into this lovely little treat.

Or try the classic Christmas cookie on Santa this year; there are several different cookies to choose from.

Also featured in this section is the tea fabricated by none other than Shakespeare himself; a lovely light floral peppermint tea mentioned in Shakespeare's A Winter's Tale: Shakespeare Tea Blend.

This blog post was written by Andrea of Storybook Artifact.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Making Turkey Hand-Print Cards

SO MUCH FUN!!!  Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and what great treat these hand-print turkey cards are to give to your closest friends and family.  We purchased some awesome finger-painting supplies for this craft:

(No chemical dyes, certified non-toxic, and all-natural; not to mention that the packaging is made of 80% recycled materials!)

(It is perfect!  Just cut to size and no need to worry about the paint bleeding through it.)

HOW TO:  Just paint the palm and thumb the same color for the turkey's body, and then paint the other fingers different colors for the feathers.  Later "after finger paints have dried" you can go through with regular acrylic paint to make turkey's wattle, eye, beak, legs and feet. ... After all paint has dried, you may wish to use some crafting glue "that doesn't wrinkle" to attach the turkey paper to some decorative card stock.  Be sure to later personalize these cards by writing "Thanksgiving, the year, the child's name, and age. :-)

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Perfectly Balanced Breakfast Cookie

I love these cookies!  Just made a batch and they are already almost gone!  They are great for on the go, hearty enough for brunch, and my son loves them too!!!  I've made them before when I was working at the compounding pharmacy; these ladies are always sharing treats and recipes (or shall I say formulas "wink").

Why I think it is the "perfectly balanced breakfast cookie" is because of how it is high in protein, fat, and fiber, which all slow the absorption of sugar/glucose into the bloodstream.  Accounting for the glycemic index of foods hasn't quite caught on in American as it has in Europe.  It is a great way to manage diabetes!  I personally would prefer this route over sugar substitutes.  Not saying that this cookie follows the glycemic index recommendations for a diabetic; however, it is a healthy (more balanced) cookie compared to the average sweet treat, which is great for all of us. :-)

Peanut Butter Oat Bran Cookies

1/2 c butter, melted
1/2 c white sugar
1/2 c brown sugar
1 egg or 2 egg whites
1/2 c peanut butter
1/2 tsp vanilla
3/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Mix melted butter with sugars. Add egg (or whites); mix well. Stir in peanut butter and vanilla; beat until smooth. Add remaining dry ingredients; mix well. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheet. Criss-cross on each cookie with the tines of a fork. Bake 10-12 minutes or until golden brown.

Makes 36 cookies. Each cookie: 86 calories: 1.33 g. dietary fiber, 12 g. carbohydrates; 2 g. protein; 4 g. fat; 6 mg. cholesterol; 67 mg. sodium.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Trick or Treat? "Dead Man Gingers"

A grim dead mans' tale comes alive in these classic gingerbread men cookies spiced with ground ginger, nutmeg, and cloves these cookies are made to-die-for delicious. ;-) This funky, fun, and freaky treat is sure to be a hit at your next halloween party.

Serving Suggestion I: Arrange broken cookie pieces on serving platter and pour molasses/sorghum* over broken areas. (shown in first picture)

Serving Suggestion II: Dip broken cookie pieces in desired sauce; shown in pictures with homemade strawberry preserve sauce*. Then arrange on platter as desired.

*_Dipping/Serving Sauce NOT Included

These cookies may deliver whole or broken; regardless, serving presentation is to appear "dead".

This order includes 10 cookies.

"All cookies are prepared by scratch with ingredients that are all-natural, organic, or (when possible) local farm fresh."


unbleached flour, molasses, organic palm oil, baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), sea salt, ground ginger, cinnamon, and cloves, powdered sugar, butter, organic milk, bourbon vanilla, and turmeric for coloring

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Twinkle Twinkle Little Store

Reach for a star ... or reach for your very own Storybook Artifact.  As my little shop begins to grow, I am elated to have these mesmerizing starry-themed party items for the latest treasures you will find in inventory (Storybook Crafts).  Featured above are Twinkle Twinkle Little and Large Hanging Stars, and below are Wish Upon A Star Party Hats.

You may find the hanging stars listed in a starry-eyed treasury collection by Eco-Friendly Freckles titled My Starry-Eyed Illusion in the Cosmos.

Also, be sure to stay tuned!  Soon to come to this my twinkling collection are 5 Star Party Gift Favor Boxes made of recycled materials too!!!


Monday, August 15, 2011

Educational Fund for My Son

We all look at our child's future with high hopes, and we know that the influences and real-life situations he encounters at school and with his peers help him to become accustomed to the world around us.  This idea is why I am not a big supporter of home-schooling; however, I do find myself, as a parent, right on the cusp of being that involved in my child's education.  Once my son starts going to school, I hope that he is so focused in academics that he is inspired to leave classmate drama, bad influences, and peer pressure behind.  I know to some this may seem impractical; however, with there being more options, activities, and avenues to choose from in many private schools one can't help but suppose that this academic laden schooling system would be at an advantage ... in comparison to simply trusting that what we as tax payers contribute to our public schools is enough or going towards wise investments.  With more of these activity options, I see less of "what's popular" and more of an environment that inspires kids to be well-rounded in what suites them best: "what do you want to do, where do you want to go, etc.".  With private schooling, I feel that I will have more of a voice and a role as a parent than I would in just accepting what our teachers' unions and "elected" state officials have chosen for our public schools' teaching standards, which I'm not saying is wrong, I'm just saying that I'd like to think there was more available: i.e. student/teacher ratio.

Since my son's first birthday, my husband and I have began an educational fund for him.  Both of us are unsure to whether or not this fund will be for private schooling or for going towards a college savings fund: for in his later years.  I personally find it important to start off as young as possible with quality education.  Children are sponges before and during their teen years; I'd like to think we could provide our son with an academic foundation that is broad and eclectic in every way.  Paying for his education now is also something that we can choose; once our son goes off to college, it will be his decision on what quality of education he wants from that point on ... if any.  I'd like to think he'd go to college, but no one is for certain.  Maybe I as a parent can encourage him to go to college, and I'm thinking getting him off on the right foot is a start.

My personal goal is to raise enough money to send my son to a great school for his younger years.  My Etsy shop is my resource for this donation, which is donating 100% of the proceeds to Bobby's educational fund. :-)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

June's Featured Etsy Blogger is Tammy of TamDoll!

Congratulations fellow EtsyBlogger Tammy of TamDoll for being this month's "Featured EtsyBlogger"!!!  I absolutely adore this Hanging Commandments Fiber Wall Art that I found in her lovely shop!  Tammy's work takes me to a place of inspiration and creative enlightenment; not to mention that I adore anything purple. ;-)  To see a work of art delicately crafted as those of Tammy's is certainly encouragement to create something grand and beautiful myself.  I think these precious treasures that Tammy makes signifies a pure and cozy side to elegance.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sister Shop Sales

Special This Month: "Sister Shop Sales"!!!  My sweet sister Jessica, Etsy Shop owner of Eco-Friendly Freckles, and I are both offering FREE gifts with the purchase of one of our sister's shop items!  This month of June, Jessica is offering her hand-painted upcycled decoupage canister "Young Love" for FREE with the purchase of my shop's painting titled "Is He the Man of My Dreams"...

You can view both items here:

... And I am offering my shop's Vintage Alice Flowers and Birds Cake Topper Candle Holders Set for FREE with the purchase of Jessica's (Eco-Friendly Freckles) new hand-painted upcycled (Alice in Wonderland themed) decoupage canister "Why is a Raven Like a Writing Desk"!!!

You can view both items here:

Monday, June 13, 2011

Enchanté, Oh Happy Day!

What a dream come true!  Reminiscing over the moments I've spent in Paris has brought along the chance of another fine greeting with such a remarkable destination.  From the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, Arc de Triomphe, the palace of Versailles, and so much more, this place is a must see for anyone who marvels at old-world architecture and/or our ancestors royal history.  Bonjour Oh Happy Day!  So glad to see this fabulous giveaway!!!

I just stumbled upon this fabulous giveaway on a blog post titled "Best Giveaway Ever!  Trip to Paris" of a fellow Blogger Donna of Totally Real, (Etsy shop owner of Tote-ally Bags) and was so glad to see this giveaway that I had to blog about it myself!  My trips to France have been the most impressionable for me, and my dreams of a more care-free lifestyle, especially when my husband and I traveled down to southern France: Toulouse.

  Jordan at Oh Happy Day is hosting a giveaway for a trip to Paris, France!  The winner receives a 7 day trip for two to Paris, including airfare and hotel!!!

You can enter this amazing giveaway here.

Best of Luck to You All,

Friday, June 10, 2011

Reminiscing Over Family Summer Fun - EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival

With summer being just right around the corner, I figured writing the first EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival of June on recollecting fond memories that I have spent with my family over the past summers would be a nice write, and hopefully a nice read too. ;o)~

Above I have posted a picture of my husband and I on our honeymoon in the summer of 2008.  We are playing on the beach in Cozumel; what fun that was!!!   Cruises are fun, but I am a big fan of road trips too.  I love the personalized family vacations the best.  I would love to talk about those trips to France, which were personalized and not schedule like they are with most cruise lines, but this regrettably would be changing the topic because of the trips I have taken to France with my husband they have all been during the fall season. ;-)  Anyway, SUMMER (getting back on track) ...  

Speaking of getting on track,  at the beginning of last summer I really enjoyed going on a hiking trail with my husband at a local state park when I was in my second trimester with our son, Bobby.  In the picture above, I am seen standing in front of the swinging bridge, which past this point would lead off to a primitive camping area; however, with it being hunting season, this area was closed from entry.  We still walked a good few miles that morning/afternoon though with a few rests/snacks in between; it was plenty fun.  We would love to go back with Bobby sometime soon. :-)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thoughtful Shower Gift to Welcome Baby

I love this decoupage art canister, titled Baby Inspiration, that I picked out from my artistic twin sister Jessica's Etsy shop (Eco-Friendly Freckles) for an upcoming baby shower that I'll be attending this weekend for a friend of mine.  Jessica fixed me up with some of her luxurious handmade soap to go inside of the canister also.  This little addition to the shower gift really has made the gift extraordinary!  I love the detail in Jessica's art: absolutely breathtaking.  I look forward to seeing this baby shower gift unwrapped and "cherished"; cherished is the single word elegantly featured on soap's tag that accentuates the thoughtfulness behind this playful "welcome baby" gift.

Friday, May 27, 2011

May's Featured EtsyBlogger is Nancy of NanjoDogz!

Congratulations fellow EtsyBlogger Nancy of NanjoDogz for being this month's "Featured EtsyBlogger"!!!  I absolutely adore this Jack Russell Terrier Polymer Clay Dog Pandora Bead that I found in this man's best friend of an Etsy shop!  Nancy's work takes me back to those childhood days I spent reading Where the Red Fern Grows: a story of a brave boy and his coon dog.  To have a dog along with you on any journey provides a sense of security, warmth, and love.  I think these precious beads that Nancy makes signifies all of this, and I am sure even more for those who are blessed to have a dog for their best friend.

Speaking of man's best friend, another fellow EtsyBlogger member, my sister, Jessica, and owner of Eco-Friendly Freckles has a Rare Vintage 60's Budweiser Ad Set of Prints that symbolizes that manly behavior we've all become accustomed to love.  For a thoughtful Father's Day, graduation, and/or bachelor pad/house warming gift, this collection would perfect. :-)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Free Gift of Shakespeare Tea with Purchase of Decoupage Art Canister

I am offering a free gift of my Shakespeare Tea Blend (packaged by the ounce in a decorated wax-sealed bag), which is a perfect addition to go with this new Decoupage Art Canister by Eco-Friendly Freckles titled Shakespeare's Muse.  Please note that this is a limited time offer: good through the month of May.

Please also check out a recent treasury of mine inspired by this offer titled Within the Mind of Shakespeare. :-)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Birthday STAT Team Captain!

Happy Birthday Julianne (HippieChicJewelz)!  You have been so kind to all of us; best of luck to you and lots of success for your shop this year ahead. :-)

This post is a continuum from Mojo3777Creations post (with birthday mission) "please check it out" >>>

Mojo3777Creations Says:

Please help me make a special birthday wish come true for someone who has done so much to help all of us!! 

Thank You!

Also please check out Self-Taught Artist Treasury (STAT) Team's first Gift-With-Purchase BNR, which was kicked off by birthday girl "Julianne" herself! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lovely Day to Smell the Roses

I had such a wonderful time this last week taking new product photos with my twin sister, Jessica (Eco-Friendly Freckles), and my little 9 month old baby boy, Bobby.

 Picture above shows Bobby getting in on the camera action. ;o)~  Jessica made a new Self-Taught Artist Treasury (STAT) Team Treasury featuring my newest item (Vintage Indian Princess Earrings and Charm Bracelet Set); it is titled Francesca Finds Love at the Farmers' Market.

I created a 100% STAT Team Treasury inspired by Team Captain's (HippieChicJewelz) inspirational words on latest team discussion on "sharing the love amongst teammates".  I also made sure to feature Jessica's newest addition to her shop (which we also took pictures of that lovely day) in this STAT Team treasury titled Lovely Patriot.  Please feel free to click, comment, and promote. :-)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pack Away That Packaging - EtsyBlogger's Blog Carnival

Everyone has it.  And what not a better time to face this menace of a pile then at spring-cleaning time. ;o)~ Yes, I'm speaking of that enormous collection of stuffing tissue, popcorn, gift sacks, bows, ribbons, cards, the works ... shall I say more? "etc."  Hence, I found a simple eco-friendly way to stuff away that stuffing by repurposing a large cardboard box that my baby boy's highchair came in.

I simply wrapped this large box in a sturdy, durable, and eye-pleasing wrapping paper; making sure that both the lid and bottom half of the box were still able to open and close with ease.  And there you have it!  I did use a nice Rubbermaid storage container before; however, my packaging supplies out grew it (width wise).  I am very happy to have upgraded to this downgraded alternative. :-)  I hope that you will be pleased with it too.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Won STAT Team Treasury Challenge!!!

Picture of me and my twin sister Jessica (Eco-Friendly Freckles) a couple of years ago.

Woohoo!!!  Pop open that champagne (or bottle of wine ... whatever is on hand) and celebrate this momentous occasion of victory with me!  Yes, me "Artifact Andrea" (Storybook Artifact shop owner) has just won this last week's Self-Taught Artist Treasury (STAT) Team Challenge!

In celebration of winning this challenge, I have created a treasury that is 100% Self-Taught Artist Treasury (STAT) Team!!!  This treasury is called Pink in the Middle, which is how I like my steak: medium-rare. ;o)~

Check it out, comment on it, promote, etc. :-)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

When Studying Was Fun! - EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival

In that bleep of a moment when my twin sister, Jessica (Etsy shop owner of Eco-Friendly Freckles), and I lived together in our apartment at the age of 17, we both knew how fortunate we were to have our local library right across the street from us.  We enjoyed spending afternoons cooped up in one of the private rooms with our noses in preparation books for the ACT.  We'd also request movies to watch on our evenings together.  Books we regularly checked out ranged from the appealing coffee table book "a must have" to poetry and how-to books to read on picnics at the park.  "Oh Jessy, I miss basking in the sun on our quilt listening to your novice-style guitar playing while I read Shel Silverstein stories.

View my latest EtsyBloggers Treasury titled: Gathering for Cinco De Mayo

Monday, April 11, 2011

Dreaming of Riverwalk

This weekend marks my husband's and my fourth wedding anniversary, and the first to celebrate with our Baby Bobby!  We have picked a cozy and interactive vacation spot: San Antonio, TX!  I look forward to sharing my inspirations from the trip after we return.

Contributing to my daydreaming, is this new piece of artistic jewelry that I've recently purchased from Whimsical Anythings by CamiArtistica!  It is so creative, and expressive; I love it!

My lastest Etsy treasury is titled Polished and Pumped and features eight FolkReveries team members!  Check it out!!!