Thursday, April 28, 2011

When Studying Was Fun! - EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival

In that bleep of a moment when my twin sister, Jessica (Etsy shop owner of Eco-Friendly Freckles), and I lived together in our apartment at the age of 17, we both knew how fortunate we were to have our local library right across the street from us.  We enjoyed spending afternoons cooped up in one of the private rooms with our noses in preparation books for the ACT.  We'd also request movies to watch on our evenings together.  Books we regularly checked out ranged from the appealing coffee table book "a must have" to poetry and how-to books to read on picnics at the park.  "Oh Jessy, I miss basking in the sun on our quilt listening to your novice-style guitar playing while I read Shel Silverstein stories.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Dreaming of Riverwalk

This weekend marks my husband's and my fourth wedding anniversary, and the first to celebrate with our Baby Bobby!  We have picked a cozy and interactive vacation spot: San Antonio, TX!  I look forward to sharing my inspirations from the trip after we return.

Contributing to my daydreaming, is this new piece of artistic jewelry that I've recently purchased from Whimsical Anythings by CamiArtistica!  It is so creative, and expressive; I love it!

My lastest Etsy treasury is titled Polished and Pumped and features eight FolkReveries team members!  Check it out!!!