Monday, August 15, 2011

Educational Fund for My Son

We all look at our child's future with high hopes, and we know that the influences and real-life situations he encounters at school and with his peers help him to become accustomed to the world around us.  This idea is why I am not a big supporter of home-schooling; however, I do find myself, as a parent, right on the cusp of being that involved in my child's education.  Once my son starts going to school, I hope that he is so focused in academics that he is inspired to leave classmate drama, bad influences, and peer pressure behind.  I know to some this may seem impractical; however, with there being more options, activities, and avenues to choose from in many private schools one can't help but suppose that this academic laden schooling system would be at an advantage ... in comparison to simply trusting that what we as tax payers contribute to our public schools is enough or going towards wise investments.  With more of these activity options, I see less of "what's popular" and more of an environment that inspires kids to be well-rounded in what suites them best: "what do you want to do, where do you want to go, etc.".  With private schooling, I feel that I will have more of a voice and a role as a parent than I would in just accepting what our teachers' unions and "elected" state officials have chosen for our public schools' teaching standards, which I'm not saying is wrong, I'm just saying that I'd like to think there was more available: i.e. student/teacher ratio.

Since my son's first birthday, my husband and I have began an educational fund for him.  Both of us are unsure to whether or not this fund will be for private schooling or for going towards a college savings fund: for in his later years.  I personally find it important to start off as young as possible with quality education.  Children are sponges before and during their teen years; I'd like to think we could provide our son with an academic foundation that is broad and eclectic in every way.  Paying for his education now is also something that we can choose; once our son goes off to college, it will be his decision on what quality of education he wants from that point on ... if any.  I'd like to think he'd go to college, but no one is for certain.  Maybe I as a parent can encourage him to go to college, and I'm thinking getting him off on the right foot is a start.

My personal goal is to raise enough money to send my son to a great school for his younger years.  My Etsy shop is my resource for this donation, which is donating 100% of the proceeds to Bobby's educational fund. :-)