Sunday, June 26, 2011

June's Featured Etsy Blogger is Tammy of TamDoll!

Congratulations fellow EtsyBlogger Tammy of TamDoll for being this month's "Featured EtsyBlogger"!!!  I absolutely adore this Hanging Commandments Fiber Wall Art that I found in her lovely shop!  Tammy's work takes me to a place of inspiration and creative enlightenment; not to mention that I adore anything purple. ;-)  To see a work of art delicately crafted as those of Tammy's is certainly encouragement to create something grand and beautiful myself.  I think these precious treasures that Tammy makes signifies a pure and cozy side to elegance.

1 comment:

tamdoll said...

Wow, thanks so much for the feature! You are so eloquent, thank you for the lovely comment:

"I think these precious treasures ... signifies a pure and cozy side to elegance." ... I love it! You've made my evening.