Thursday, September 8, 2011

Twinkle Twinkle Little Store

Reach for a star ... or reach for your very own Storybook Artifact.  As my little shop begins to grow, I am elated to have these mesmerizing starry-themed party items for the latest treasures you will find in inventory (Storybook Crafts).  Featured above are Twinkle Twinkle Little and Large Hanging Stars, and below are Wish Upon A Star Party Hats.

You may find the hanging stars listed in a starry-eyed treasury collection by Eco-Friendly Freckles titled My Starry-Eyed Illusion in the Cosmos.

Also, be sure to stay tuned!  Soon to come to this my twinkling collection are 5 Star Party Gift Favor Boxes made of recycled materials too!!!


1 comment:

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

I LOVE your Twinkle Twinkle Little Store!!! These stars and hats would be great for all kinds of party occasions...prom, wedding, birthday, new years, etc.!!! Absolutely SPECTACULAR Shop Items!