Monday, March 14, 2011

First Sign of Spring - EtsyBlogger's Blog Carnival

The first signs of spring are started with having playtime in the backyard.  Warm enough for a momma and her baby to play with the old twigs and grass, while discovering and welcoming the new growth of local flowers, weeds, and plants.

The rose bush (seen pictured above in front of the house) looks like a gaunt old dying plant, but it is still putting on its winter disguise of being in hibernation.  The rose bush (plant) actually is getting new growth of strong beet red stems.  It probably wouldn't hurt to give it a good trimming though. ;-)

Another welcoming plant in the backyard is ironically a weed "chuckle": the chickweed.  It grows under our hawthorn tree in a large patch: great for picking.  I love to chop chickweed finely and steam along with chopped spinach for a quick and easy side dish; I like to add apple cider vinegar during serving.

I also made an EtsyBlogger's Treasury going along the Blog Carnival theme of "first sign of spring"; it is titled Spring Forward!



Kim Beatty said...

What an adorable little munchkin!! :) Ah, that looks so refreshing to be outside and sitting in the grass - we're still a bit too chilly and muddy for that in NW Indiana!

Happy Spring!

Alice's Owl said...

Playing outdoors is such an amazing sign of spring! Love it! Today has finally been warm enough here to enjoy the spring weather and "play" outside... and that I did!

Chickweed in spinach sounds amazing! Thanks for the awesome idea :-). What a lovely treat- <3 it!

Enjoy the time outside!

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Little Bobby is sooo precious!!! I love chickweed...Mmm, it blends wonderfully with spinach, and it is a delightful first sight of spring!