Friday, March 4, 2011

Self-Taught Artists Expose Their Treasures

Members of STAT Team (Self-Taught Artist Treasury Team) have created a collection of their most priced treasures to expose to the public.  Please take a moment to appreciate their grand achievements.

Captain Hippiechicjewelz says:
GREEN with envy everyone will be when they see you wearing this Hand Sculpted Rustic Citron Cross Bracelet by Hippie Chic Jewelz!
Leader oddballartco says:

Skulls can be girly, and cute as can be! Don't believe me? Check out these tags and find out....

Leader ecofriendlyfreckles says:

Cheer up on rainy day with this gorgeous, meticulously handcrafted, one-of-a-kind money tin "Sunshine on a Rainy Day":

Leader asiabataev says:

Have you ever seen winter playing with spring? Check it out :-)

SaratogaSpinning says:

Warm and toasty you will be when you knit up a delightfully warm hat or scarf and bring a Flannel Pajamas jolt of color to this crazy winter we are having!

labellechanson says:

Delicately hand made with freshwater pearls to adorn your hair for your wedding or any special event of yours. 

holeestars says:

What a great way to hide your toaster with class with my new Mr Toaster cupboard.

Pod Pals - Great for children and parents on the go!

Time and protection in a bottle

Red White and Denim...Does anything say welcome to summer better than this bag.

Hi! Your beautiful item has been included in a Treasury

yifatbareket says:
Are you a March B-day girl or just like blue? Those stunning earrings are especially for you!!

Nothing like colorful skulls to brighten your day!
Magical Sea Glass necklace from Salem MA

Storybook Artifact says:

Rekindle your lover's alluring memory with this original painting inspired by great thought into the hazy future of soulmate's dream: titled "Is He the Man of My Dreams"

BarSoap says:

Celebrate St Patrick's day with this deliciously sweet Irish Cream Soap. The lather of the soap is as soft and smooth as that first creamy cocktail of the evening but you can use this bar of pleasure any time of the day!

Dreaming of a wonderful summer in the adirondacks with this wall hanging.

Don't get caught not wearing green, or you may get pinched! Beautiful glass bracelet set, including free earrings!

This Octopus is just too cute!

KCIADesigns says:

A blue burst from the sun to colour your day!

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