Monday, February 7, 2011

Storybook Artifact's Vintage Pink Parasol

An elegant and trendy vintage accessory to pair with any 60's or japanese-style apparel. This vintage japanese parasol is of lovely construction; it has a sturdy wood frame with bamboo pole that is slightly split at midsection. Delicate pale-pink paper shade with minor repairs: a couple of taped tears. Overall, the condition is certainly fair; excellent and stylish source of natural sunscreen/shade.

Recently featured on one of my twin sister's, Jessy's (Eco-friendly Freckles), latest treasuries titled Vacation for My Valentine.  And it has been labeled "cuteable" on Cuteable. ;-)

"How pretty is this vintage parasol?  I think I would dance around all day if I had this!  Get it from Storybook Artifact."

Love the feature, and what a cute site! Check out this recent posting on cuteable, and you'll be glad that you visited the site: so cute. :-)

You can find this vintage pink parasol at Storybook Artifact also.

Cuteable is run by husband and wife team Lynsey and Matt. Matt is in charge of the technical side of the site and Lynsey is in charge of the day to day running and the fun part – finding the cute to share!

... other recent features are on the following treasuries:


Swirlyarts said...

Thanks for the great write up about Cuteable! I do love my job :)

Lynsey (in my other guise!)

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Congratulations Andy on being CUTEABLE! Your shop's Vintage Japanese Parasol is so adorable and flirty! ;-) It was a "must have" for my treasury!