Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What is Your Favorite Source of H2O?

My son, Bobby, taking a bath in his Grandad's kitchen sink.

I'd like to think that I am an advocate of consuming local goods: whether it be of honey, milk, eggs, produce, or even our local spring's water.  When it comes to convenience, purchasing bottled water is it for me.  I used to think that the nearer the source, the better.  However, here recently I have found that I am appreciating a spring, which is located clear across the ocean in France.  Where I justify this latest consumption choice of mine for my visiting of Paris and Toulouse in my past.  Weird conclusion, I must say.

This video above is a super cute advertisement of one of my favorite spring water distributers: Evian, from the French Alps.

This photo was taken of me in Hot Springs AR.; where the hot springs are so abundant in the area, the locals are able to fill up there water jugs in town with just a pull of a lever.  I used to purchase Ozarka bottled water because I knew it was derived from Arkansas.  However, with the recent news of numerous wildlife deaths in the area (birds and fish) without an explanation as to why yet, I am a bit hesitant of drinking spring water from here.

Here is a photo of me taken in Toulouse, France at an abandoned ancient ruin bath house.  


Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Beautiful pictures!!! I enjoying drinking local spring water too! Although, I am fortunate to have filtered water from our well where we live.

Drinking from the hot springs in Arkansas is a fascinating can definitely taste the minerals present in the water. I bet your travels to France were delightful!

Artifact Andrea said...

Oh yes, I loved going to the local spas in Hot Springs, AR and drinking their warm spring water. Visiting Toulouse, France was very enlightening for me; it really opened my eyes to holistic living. :-)