Saturday, January 29, 2011

Picnics and Packed Lunches

My husband, Robert, and I took our baby boy Bobby (now 6 months) for a stroll down riverside in Tulsa today.  The weather was so lovely (in the 70's), and boy did we get a workout!  My only regret was that we forgot to grab our camera, but we do hope to do this again soon or next time the weather permits it; watch us have another snow in March this year ."haha"  The above picture was taken on riverside by his Aunt Jessy last year in September; when Bobby was only two months old. 

Anyway, all this nice weather today has inspired me to right a post about packing lunches.  Make it fancy or make it quick and easy?  Healthy and thoughtful too, right?  The pantry staples that I try to keep on hand for packing a picnic to packing Robert's lunches that he takes to work are generally simple, nutritious, and most certainly tasty treats.  I find that brands that are labeled "organic" or "all-natural" help me to achieve this.  For a picnic, I love to go fancy!  Pack a bottle of some sparkling cider and some simple wine glasses, a block of cheese, and crackers ... and you're set!

Here is a picture of me taken at a picnic that Robert and I had at a rest area heading towards Hot Springs, AR in celebration of our anniversary a couple of years ago; see the bottle of sparkling cider. ;-) 


Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Mmm, I love sparkling cider; it's elegant like wine or champagne, yet you don't have to worry about the designated driver when you leave the park! Ha ha! ;-D

Hmmm, a fancy romantic picnic...what a wonderful idea for a Valentine's date! If it is too cold in your area, have an enchanting candlelit picnic indoors! Play sultry music, lay a picnic quilt on the floor, and pack your picnic basket with some warm massage oils and grapes/strawberries to feed your sweetheart!

Artifact Andrea said...

Love the idea of a romantic indoor picnic, Jessy! ... which is what we'll probably end up doing with the chilly weather returning.